Farm to Table REKO Ring

Hi, this is Farmer Stephanie from Taste & See Farm and the Tyler & Lindale Farm to Table REKO Rings.

I'd like to invite you to Join our Buyers Groups on FACEBOOK.

Inside you'll get access to multiple ETX FARMERS, bakers & more...You'll be able to make weekly purchases from all of them and pick up your local goods on the same day, location & time! REKO'S are essentially an Online Farmers Market.

Some Benefits Include:
  1. No more wondering what will be available at the market on a given week.
  2. You'll be able to do weekly meal plans based on your local purchases for the week.
  3. Meet your local regenerative farmers 
  4. Support local farmers
  5. Be apart of strengthening the local food supply.
Join Tyler Farm to Table REKO Ring HERE
Join Lindale Farm to Table REKO Ring HERE